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Women Who Rock For Kids  —- New Logo

We will be planning our WWR4K  Music Programs Now

We are looking for Musicians and Artist that want to get involved helping kids get acquainted with musical instruments and the joy of music in their lives.



Female Musicians wanted to work with Women Who Rock For Kids,

a not-for-profit organization consisting of women.

The women will perform, as well as work with children,  providing music educational experiences including camps, workshops and conferences, recording and scholarship opportunities.

Women Who Rock for Kids (WWRFK), was founded in 2011 by rock singer, songwriter and guitarist, Emyna The Rock Queen (www.therockqueen.com)

WWRK is determined to give EVERY child the opportunity to experience music.







All Musicians are welcome.

music programs for kids



The Desire To Promote Music To Kids Is Universal

We Can Make A Difference When We Get Involved – 2018 —   

We are hoping many of our talented musiciana from All Types of Music will share their knowledge

Music Brings Joyful Connections Like Nothing Else!

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