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Time To Rise Tour Dates Rock Queen News - Welcome The Rock Queens News  Emyna – The Rock Queen   Sharing my music with all my fans has been my desire all my life.  The songs I write and perform are created to inspire you to be the best you can be always. Each song I have written has been based on what is happening in my life and the lessons that I have learned. I love to share new artists, techniques for creating music through proper voice, guitar and other methods.  Yoga is an important part of my life and using it when I am working on my vocals, has improved my range over the years.  Watch for tips on how to improve your talents. You Can See My Rock Queens Now Interviews On: My Emyna Starshine Facebook Page   Be sure an watch The Worldwide Premier of Rise Now!     I look forward to sharing more music and ideas with you. Sincerely yours,    Emyna, The Rock Queen
Emyna time to rise cd “Time To Rise” Album - TIME TO RISE!!!!!   Available NOW!   Emyna The Rock Queen – Website Store Also Available On:  Amazon and   Get Your Copy of Time to Rise Today !!    
the rock queen Emyna has a new album Emyna The Rock Queen Signs With Label In UK! - Emyna the Rock Queen Signs with UK Label The Rock Queen just recently signed with Casket Records a subsidiary of Copro Records in the UK.  The album “Time to Rise” includes a Rise remix from her last album with a heavier drive.  Rise was named second in Rock by the International 100% Music Songwriting Contest in 2010. Other songs include “I’m Still Alive” a rockin ballad written and produced by Emyna.  Time to Rise, was recorded the Premise in the UK, Nashville and Los Angeles.  The release date has been set for August. The primary physical market for distribution will be the United Kingdom and other parts of the Europe. Digital distribution will  international. The Rock Queen is currently setting up tour dates. For more information contact: or  Starshine International
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